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Thunder & Lightning



Sorry it took me a few days to write you a thank you. I have been recovering. I have to say that you and your partner were by far the best DJs I have EVER heard. You played exactly what we wanted to hear and there was never any dead air or a dead dance floor. It was phenomenal!

MY FAVORITE part, out of the ENTIRE reception was the lighting. It. Was. Perfect. It really gave it a classy club feel that was exactly what we were going for. So that along with the incredible music made for one hell of an evening! I didn't want it to end! And to think you guys were there on Friday so late setting up and making sure it all worked... and then up late on Saturday too! Thanks so so much.

I am going to recommend you to anyone who even mentions the word DJ... apologies if you start getting calls from people in other states to come do their weddings. I am going to just have to think up another event where I need a DJ so I can hire you guys again.

You blew us away! Can't thank you enough!

Margaret & Dmitry Altshul