Des Moines Bar-Bat Mitzvah DJ - Video, featuring LivePix - Thunder & Lightning

Thunder & Lightning


Video: Maximize The Fun!

For the ultimate in entertainment at your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, you need the full multimedia experience. All of our system options feature high quality, professional equipment for professional results. From our custom designed 12 foot video screens to our high quality digital projectors, we provide stunning results in almost any venue. But, our equipment is only part of what sets us apart from our competitors. With our unique approach to live video and features like our unique LivePix system, you'll finally see why video is a must-have addition to your event...

What, No Music Videos?

If you've looked at other DJs, you've probably seen the "Big Screen Music Video" packages. Not at Thunder & Lightning. We're not coming to your dance to show you videos of other people dancing, we're coming to make you dance. Just think about it—music videos are for watching, not for dancing. Instead, we take a different and better approach. With our exclusive LivePix package, our video screen (or screens) make an awe-inspiring video element. What's more, we can present any content you provide (photos, videos, etc) on the big screen(s) as well!


You've never seen anything like this: with our exclusive LivePix system we capture high resolution photos of your event with professional grade DSLR cameras. Then, we wirelessly stream them to our state-of-the-art video processing software and project them on our giant video screen. In fact, for the most impressive events, we even offer dual screen video systems for a giant 20 foot wide image (two 10 foot screens chained together). To make things better, we include our Photo Complete Package so you get to keep all of the photos we capture!