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Thunder & Lightning

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Lighting is important to your event, even if you might not realize it at first. The right lighting can transform your venue into the upscale, elegant feel that you've envisioned. While most DJs offer at least some kind of lighting, most are basic, antiquated systems which won’t add much to your reception (or worse yet, detract from your decor). We've invested heavily in the most advanced dance lighting and architectural/wash lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding, without the clutter of big equipment and ugly trussing.
Where standard DJ lighting isn’t controllable (it just does the same thing all night—like a disco ball), our intelligent lighting is so much more. Whether it's a spotlight on you during your grand entrance or a subtle color wash during your first dance, our lighting simply makes your event better. We've spent endless hours programming our lighting to create the perfect effect for every part of your wedding—from fast dance club style effects for upbeat music to dramatic color synchronized slow effects to create that perfect atmosphere during slow songs.

Better, Not Bigger

Des Moines Wedding Lighting
Lighting technology has come a long way in the last decade, but you might not know it from watching most DJs. We've invested heavily in the most advanced lighting to bring your dream wedding to life. At around 10X the cost of standard DJ lighting, our lighting systems are state-of-the-art. That means a more incredible effect with less (and smaller) equipment. We're there to add to your decor, not take away from it.

Wash Lighting/Uplighting

It's a single element that can give your venue that incredible, elegant look. And don't be fooled, all architectural (or wash) lighting is far from the same. While some venues, decorators, or DJs may offer extremely discounted or event free uplighting options, our lighting is in a class of it's own. Our wash lighting consists of fully computer controlled, ultra-high output LED fixtures for endless color and pattern options (which can be instantly changed), compact size, and incredible performance.

Complete Control, Amazing Results

Great equipment is only the first step to the perfect lighting. Not only do we invest in the most advanced lighting, but we take the time to create the perfect lighting for your wedding. We've invested endless hours to program our lighting systems so that we can create the effects that are perfect for every part of the evening. Whether it's spot lighting a grand entrance, a single color wash during dinner, a slow elegant pattern for your first dance, or a whole room action pattern once the dance floor is packed, we have every part of the night covered. While many DJs may lack the knowledge or just don't put in the effort to program their lighting, we know that every hour we spend will make your event with us that much better.