Des Moines High School & College DJ - Incredible sound - Thunder & Lightning

Thunder & Lightning

Heart Pounding, Concert Quality Sound

If you want to dance, you want loud music…it's that simple. We get it. Unfortunately, most DJs just don't have what it takes to deliver enough audio at a large school event. Sure, pretty much any pair of speakers sounds fine with a few people on the dance floor, but we know better. Once you pack hundreds, if not a thousand, students in the room, it's a whole different story. It takes an incredible amount of power to really deliver. Our systems are equipped with concert-level Turbosound® audio systems with ultra-high output subwoofers. That means not only will it be loud, but the sound quality is incredible.

Incredible Bass

Let's be honest, nobody wants to dance without bass. Most DJs underestimate the massive amount of audio needed to create that dance environment. Not us. We run ridiculously high-output subwoofers so you can feel the music.

Ultimate Quality

Sure, you can get an audio system for a few hundred dollars, a lot of DJs do. We know that just won't cut it. We've made huge investments in our audio system for concert-grade equipment to deliver serious output and quality at every event.