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Thunder & Lightning

Iowa's Best High School & College DJ

Looking for the absolute best DJ for your homecoming, prom, or college event? Other DJs can’t even come close. We know what it takes to make an incredible event—great music, huge lighting and video production, and amazing DJs. Our concert-level systems bring the ultimate experience to the biggest schools in the midwest!
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Production + Entertainment

While there are plenty of mobile DJs that can setup some lights, speakers, and play music, real event production requires far more than most DJs are equipped to handle. We've spent hundreds of hours and tons of money creating an incredible sound, lighting, and video production suitable for the biggest schools in the midwest. Students expect a festival-like production experience, and we deliver like nobody else can. Couple that with our club style DJs, and you're in for a real show!

Hottest Music

Do you want a great event? Then you need great music! We've got real DJs that play a non-stop set of the hottest music, mixed live.

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Incredible Lighting

Our lighting is unmatched by any other DJ in the midwest. The latest in lighting technology with concert-grade fixtures…seriously.

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Massive Sound

Every great dance needs a great audio system. We have a massive sound system with some serious bass to create the ultimate dance environment.

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Huge Video

A custom 20 foot wide ultra definition edge-to-edge video screen with LivePix. Yeah, there's just nothing else like it.

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We’ve invested TONS of money and time to take our already incredible lighting and video system and make it even MORE incredible! Find out more about our newest additions for this school year that make our lighting, sound, and video systems what other DJs only dream of!

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