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Thunder & Lightning


Real DJs, Great Music

It's simple, if you want a great event, you need a great DJ. Your event needs the perfect mix to keep all of your guests entertained. From the hottest new music to the classics, we've got it covered. When you book a Thunder & Lightning DJ for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, you're getting a great DJ who knows how to keep everyone entertained from start to finish.

Music, Music, Music

Whether it's only a couple of the classics (i.e. Hava Nagila) or two dozen must-play songs, we've got you covered. In addition to our large 20,000+ music library, our library is updated every week with the newest radio-edited (censored) tracks and we receive our music from the same subscription service as radio stations. In other words, if you hear a hot new song, it's already in our library and ready to rock at your event.

Beat to Beat, Back to Back

Unlike many, our DJs actually mix. We aren't your average fade one song down, fade another one up kind of DJ. We are beat-to-beat, back-to-back, dance club style mixing DJs. Why does it matter? Because, when the music stops, so does the fun. And, that's not what we're about. The bottom line is that if you want a DJ that will bring real energy and fun to your school dance, Thunder & Lightning is it. Once you hear it, you'll realize the difference a real DJ makes...

You are In Control

Know exactly what kind of music your crowd wants to hear, or, would you just prefer a great variety of professionally mixed music? Either way, at Thunder & Lightning, every event that we do is personalized exclusively for you and your guests. And, unlike many other DJs, when you book with Thunder & Lightning, you’ll talk directly to the DJ that will be at your event. No miscommunication, no mistakes—just the personal, professional service you deserve.