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The Music You Want, When You Want It

Great music is the key to a great wedding reception. At Thunder & Lightning, we offer a massive music library to accommodate your event, no matter what your taste in music. What's more, we know that every wedding is unique. While it may be easier to play music from the same "wedding playlist" week after week, as many do, we know that's not the recipe for a great event. We hand pick the best music for you and your guests based around your musical preferences and the crowd response. Whether you just have that one must play song or dozens of requests, we'll make sure you hear the music you love!

Real DJs, More Fun

Professional DJs
Unlike most, our DJs are very experienced and highly skilled. And, when we say experienced, we mean experienced performing at high-end events, not the annual neighborhood block party. One difference…our DJs actually mix. No matter the song, we keep the music rolling and you and your guests dancing! Why does it matter? When the music stops, so does the fun. And, when it comes to keeping the dance floor packed, Thunder & Lightning DJs are simply the best. In addition, just like every other aspect of our service, we are constantly perfecting our skills and upgrading our equipment to ensure that we deliver the best possible experience!

Reliable Performance

Wedding DJ Service
If you’re worried about reliability (and you should be), with Thunder & Lightning you don't need to be. As a pioneer in the field of computerized mobile DJs, we've been a software based DJ for well over a decade—that’s longer than any other DJ in Iowa. We also invest heavily in top-of-the-line equipment to ensure only the highest in quality and reliability. But, in the rare event that a component of our system was to break down, we have implemented a thorough and capable backup system so the music won't stop. With Thunder & Lightning, you’ll benefit from our consistent investment in the latest music and technology.

All the Music, All the Time

We update our library constantly with all the newest radio-edited tracks. Simply put, if you hear a new song on any of the mainstream radio stations, we'll have it. With 25,000+ song titles, the newest music is only a portion of our collection. We also carry a huge collection of classic hits from most every genre, in most every era. From hip-hop to pop, country to rock, our music selection is designed with you in mind! And, unlike some DJs, we don't need you to provide an internet connection because we're not getting our music on Pandora. All of our music is legally acquired, carefully curated, and always available.