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Sound, the Way it Should Be

Sound quality is a very important aspect of a DJ system. Unfortunately, it can be tough to tell exactly what you’re getting with most DJs. You might hear about how many “watts” a DJ's sound system puts out or the size of their speakers. Unfortunately, this has little to do with the quality of sound you’ll experience at your event. At Thunder & Lightning, all of our systems are equipped with professional quality Turbosound® audio components which produce the smoothest, most pleasing crystal-clear sound quality at any volume. It’s the kind of performance you’ll enjoy whether your event requires soft background music or high-energy dance music. And, since the fun stops when the music stops, all of our sound systems include redundant backup equipment to keep the sound going even in the event of an unforeseen problem.

Consistency Throughout

At Thunder & Lightning, years of experience have taught us that a bigger venues require more than just bigger speakers for pleasing, room-filling sound. That's why feature extended zone audio systems. In addition to a powerful main audio system at the front of the room (usually near the dance floor), our extended zone systems offer secondary high quality speakers which can be strategically placed at the sides or back of the room. During your dinner or cocktail hour, background music and announcements will be more even and consistent throughout the entire room.

Multiple Zones

We know that sometimes a single room for all of your events just isn't enough. Cocktail hour on the terrace, dinner in the Grand Ballroom, and dancing in the Great Hall…we have you covered. Our extended zone audio systems provide us with the flexibility to provide multiple room audio at the most demanding venues. There's no need to sacrifice the mood-setting ambiance of background music during cocktail hour, we can keep the music moving with your guests, from one area to the next.

Ceremony Audio? No problem.

If you're planning a unique ceremony location, you may want to Thunder & Lightning for that aspect of your wedding as well. With our compact mobile audio systems, we are able to provide high quality sound at almost any location. In fact, we have provided P.A. and ceremony music for weddings in a variety of locations ranging from the Iowa State Capitol Building to the Des Moines Botanical Center, as well as numerous outdoor venues both public and private.